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Patent Code Formats

All patent numbers are seven characters in length, excluding commas, which are optional. Examples of each type of patent numbers are listed below for your reference;

Utility3,871,817 6923014 0000001
DesignD911,456 D319287 D000152
PlantPP08,292 PP02914 PP00003
ReissueRE69,546 RE11089 RE00002
Defensive PublicationT104,898 T891829 T100006
Statutory Invention RegistrationH001,589 H001987 H000004
Additional ImprovementAI00,487 AI000898 AI00006
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Offering ®** legal, ® and ®*** services, for our clients active in China.
*service mark covering our legal and IP services, including IP valuation services registered in Switzerland, Europe, the USA, and Canada, other countries/regions pending.
** service marks covering legal services and IP services on Chinese IP issues, registered in Switzerland, Europe, Korea, and the USA
*** service marks covering IP services involving China, registered in China, Switzerland, and the USA